Office Policies

We make every effort to see acutely ill patients within 24 hours. If a call is received by noon, urgent appointments can usually be made the same day. If your condition needs urgent attention, please bring to the notice of front-desk staff so they can work with you to find the earliest possible appointment.
For your visit, please remember to bring insurance card, driver's license or picture identification, and payment for co-pay or deductible. If you have health insurance, we cannot see you without making a copy of your insurance card. Co-pay or deductible is collected at check-in.
Unless you call to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, a fee may be charged for missed appointments. We reserve the right to charge for missed physicals since they are of longer duration and sick patients could be seen in that time if informed earlier.
Prescriptions last written over 1 year ago cannot be refilled without an appointment.
Prescriptions written by another doctor cannot be refilled without an appointment.
We may not write prescription for controlled substances (including narcotic pain medicines and stimulant ADD medicines).
If a pharmacy or insurance company requests that we change a prescription, we will not make any modifications without our patient's understanding and permission.
We make every effort to e-prescribe most medication allowed by law for participating pharmacies to reduce wait time for patients.
After-Hours Care
In case of an emergency, call 911. Emergencies must be evaluated promptly in the nearest Emergency Department.
An on-call doctor is available 24/7 by telephone for non-emergent issues
Telephone Calls/Consults
Because we cannot examine a patient over the telephone, the doctors may be unable to diagnose or treat symptoms by telephone and may suggest scheduling an appointment to see the doctor to discuss your medical condition.
Our professional and courteous staff is available to answer your non-clinical questions and schedule appointments during regular office hours.
Lab Work
If your lab results are abnormal, our staff will be contacting you to make a follow up appointment with your doctor to discuss such results. This will allow you time to ask your doctor questions about your lab work and give your doctor an opportunity to discuss further testing and follow up that is needed. This follow up can be vital for your health and cannot adequately be done over the phone or by email.