Patient Responsibilities

Fees and Payments
Full payment, including any co-payment that your insurance may require, is expected at the time of service. If you are experiencing financial difficulties and need to make special payment arrangements, please ask to speak with a member of our billing office. We would be happy to work out a payment plan to help you.
Insurance and Self-Pay
Please do bring or fax in advance, your current health insurance card to the office.
Please notify us at time of check-in of any changes in insurance, address, telephone or family status.
Please pay your co-pay or deductible balance and co-insurance amount at the time of service.
You will be expected to pay in full (Self-Pay) if You do not have insurance or we do not participate in your health care plan, or if you are unable to present a valid member identification card from your insurance carrier at your visit, or We are unable to verify your insurance coverage from your insurance carrier.
Returned Checks
A fee of $25.00 will be charged for any checks returned by the bank.
Change of Policies
We reserve the right to change the policies at any time.