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The Reasons for Elderly People to Go to a Geriatrician

Geriatricians are professionals who are medically trained to handle and deal with health challenges affecting senior citizens. How senior citizens react and respond to common health issues is different from how middle-aged people do. The same way we have pediatricians for the health conditions of children is the way we have geriatricians for aged persons.

Not to dismiss the role of general doctors in support of the health of the aged, but geriatricians have a deeper understanding of such challenges. There is no specific age to as when you should start seeing a geriatrician. However, if you are above 60 years of age and you are struggling with certain health challenges then it is time to start seeing one.

Need For Psychosocial Support

Because of being confined in homes due to a state of immobility, senior citizens often experience chronic stress that may sometimes lead to depression.

Geriatric care is important!

The stress is mainly because of being lonely since their loved ones are busy working or studying. As part of their training, geriatricians are equipped with skills to offer psychosocial support to the aged. With social and emotional support, the aged are better positioned to heal from their symptoms. 

Multiple Medications

As people grow older, they are often faced with multiple health issues that range from arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, malnutrition to frailty. In a bid to address such issues, general physicians may administer multiple medications to them. Such medications may come with adverse side effects. Geriatricians are equipped with adequate knowledge and skills to help the aged deal with the side effects of multiple medications they use. 

Multiple Health Issues

If you or your loved one is suffering from multiple health issues, then it is time to see a geriatrician. They will diagnose, treat, and recommend preventive measures to avoid further effects of not just age related issues, but general health challenges. As they do that, they also invite the contribution of other healthcare providers. For instance, the health history of a senior’ doctor helps the geriatrician understand the patient’s condition deeply. The input of the seniors’ nutritionist also plays a critical role in helping the geriatricians understand the nutritional needs of their patients better. This way, they know the most effective dietary options for their health issues. A holistic approach to age related health issues helps the aged lead a comfortable and happy life. 

Decline in Cognitive Functions

As people approach or get to old age, it is common for cognitive functions to reduce or fade away in entirety. Functions such as attention, perception, navigation, speech and memory are the most affected by age. In extreme cases, the decline in cognitive functions may lead to rare conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia. Geriatricians are trained and experienced in helping reverse such conditions and reduce their effects. 

Frailty and Vulnerability

Physical weakness is a sure thing as people approach or get to senior age. This is because as we get old, muscles and joint strength tend to decrease over time. When that happens, the seniors are at risk of physical injuries or worse still death due to falls. A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, CDC, reveals that falls top the list of causes of death related to injuries among seniors aged 65 years and above. In addition to recommending physical exercises that help strengthen balance, they also suggest the use of mobility aid equipment. 

Nutritional Concerns

As people get older and approach the senior stage of life, they tend to develop resistance to some dietary options. The resistance comes because of the changes that their bodies undergo as they enter the senior stage. Geriatricians possess the necessary knowledge to recommend the necessary nutritional needs to old people. They also recommend special dietary options aimed at helping the seniors recover from and prevent age-related issues.  Balanced nutrition is critical to supporting the well-being of the seniors. 

The best thing about getting health services from a geriatrician is that they offer customized solutions based on the individual needs of their different patients. The holistic approach helps get health services from a central source thereby leading to much-needed convenience. Some specialists even come to see their patients from the comfort of their homes. This way, senior citizens do not have to cover long distances that would otherwise be unsustainable for them. In conclusion, geriatric services support the overall well-being of the aged so that they can lead happy and healthy lives. 

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